My first Halloween experience with my little step children…

It’s 5pm on 29th October. I pour myself my 2nd prosecco and crash on to the sofa exhausted… The fire is on, the pumpkins are sculpted, the candles are lit and dinner is in the oven. My youngest step children, Samantha and Orson are in their PJ’s, now settled on the sofa watching Rango (again). Between my sips, I’m scraping the flour out of my hair and massaging my feet thankful that my other half is taking over dinner this evening …. steak and homemade sweet potatoes. Hmm!


It may come of a surprise (as it did my 2 youngest step children) that this was only my  second time celebrating Halloween in my entire life! The first time I’ve been able to celebrate with them as this year our weekend with them fell on Halloween. I … AM … EXHAUSTED!!! But I loved it!

I started the day with googling pumpkin cookie and cake recipes, before picking up Samantha and Orson from their Mum’s and rushing around Tesco with them. I hate supermarket shopping at the best of times but knowing they hate it too, and that they’re prone to sitting on the shop floor and refusing to move (something their Mum suffers with) I was not going to hang about. Tesco was heaving and I have never been so grateful for having a shopping list. Nor have I ever been so scared about losing one of them as this was the first time I’d had the two of them on my own in a supermarket… With one carrying flowers and the other his sweets, I sped through my list aisle by aisle seeking a week’s worth of shopping in as few minutes as possible. Thankfully, they were as good as gold and any fears of embarrassing me with non cooperation soon left my brain. As I got back into my car, squeezing all the shopping in around them (I have a mini convertible so space is limited), I thought to myself ‘I survived!’ They did what I told them to do throughout the whole process including sitting still whilst I paid! ‘Perhaps the rest of my day will be as calm,’ I thought to myself….


Well…. little did I know that between then and my 5pm prosecco by the fire my house would have icing sugar dripping from the ceilings, pumpkin guts splattered across the kitchen island and clumps of dough stuck to the floor! Then imagine… several sibling bickering sessions and having to watch them like a hawk when it came to carving of the pumpkins!


Joking aside, we did have great fun. Thankfully, fingers are still in tact and my kitchen is sparking clean (thanks to my amazing other half). We started with the pumpkin carving which as I said, involved a lot of concentration on the adult’s part to make sure no children severed off their fingers! Followed by creating a variety of cookie shapes from pumpkins to ghosts and eye balls. (thanks google!) Followed by creating 5 different types of icing sugar – we had orange, green, blue, black and white – and painting our creations as spooky as we could. This was a process just in itself but we got there in the end. You just cannot beat the sound of children laughing!


We’re not trick or treating as they will do that with their Mum on Monday (31st) but I thoroughly enjoyed my first Halloween with my little step children. Once again, I survived!

Bring on the next one 🙂

Happy Halloween everybody! Have a ‘spooktastic’ one!

Lots of love, coolstepmum xxx


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