My Top 10 scariest moments…

Given it’s Halloween I thought I’d look back over time (30 years) and pinpoint my top 10 scariest moments of all time…

1. Losing Dad.


Without a doubt the scariest thing I’ve ever had to encounter. I was only 28 and I’d been given 3 months notice. 2 months later I lost him… This involved a number of scary moments from diagnosis to the funeral to moving on with life without him by my side. Nobody can understand what it feels like to know that you will never see that person again until you are actually in that position. I haven’t cried for some time but it takes only a small thing to remind me I am facing the fact that I will never be able to see or speak to my Dad ever again, and that is the scariest feeling in the world. ❤️

2. Performing the flute in front of thousands of people.

This flows nicely on from my dad as without him I would never have performed my flute or saxophone in front of thousands of people in amazing venues such as Euro Disney and the Royal Festival Hall. As a music scholar I was so lucky to be able to travel Europe performing in all sorts of places, including numerous musical exams and school performances. I was always so terrified going out on stage, especially as a solo flautist but my dad was always smiling bright at the front of any audience.

3. Starting my own business.

This goes without saying, especially as I’ve been seen as the dippy one amongst family, and even colleagues actually. In th summer of 2014 I started my own boutique property PR firm, Lucy T PR Ltd. Luckily my dad saw me start this new adventure but it was only when I found out his diagnosis that I left London life to be with him. Needing an income I started off as a freelancer and everything else just seemed to fit into place. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done but also the scariest. I’ve had to grow some balls, learn heaps about running my own business and learn how handle a different level of stress. From pitching for new business to keeping current clients happy, it has its ups and downs but my life has completely changed for the better as a result. I can’t complain! It’s all part of my journey.

Lucy T PR Logo .png

4. Becoming a step mum. 

A scary yet joyous affair this one. I’ve actually been a step mum for about 8 years now. My previous relationship started me down this path but my current one has introduced me to 4 wonderful children. I never imagined I’d meet a guy who already had kids but I wouldn’t wish it any other way. I read somewhere once that anybody can be a mother, but it takes a fearless warrior to be a step mum, and anybody in my shoes will understand exactly what I mean by that. It has its challenges, like with everything in life, but I have an amazing life which I’m so lucky to share not only with my other half but also his 4 children too. Thankfully I am the maternal type and will always strive to be the best step mum I can possibly be.

5. Having an ear plug taken off my ear drum.

I have to wear ear plugs, due to my other half snoring VERY badly. In march this year, 1 week before we were due to go to Cuba I managed to lodge a silicon ear plug right down my ear canal to my ear drum. After a 4am trip to A&E, followed by 2 very painful procedures to get it out, I was able to go on holiday without a perforated eardrum and earplug free. It takes a lot to make me cry through pain but let me tell you now… to have a silicon ear plug taken off your ear drum is the most painful procedure I’ve ever gone through. Far worse than my tattoo! I was in tears with every attempt to get it out and thank god, no surgery was required. Lesson learnt…  no more silicon ear plugs.  Now I have shooting ones…

6. Travelling Australia by myself.

After I graduated from university in 2008 I travelled to Australia by myself. Of course once out there I met millions of people who I ended up travelling with but to fly out there, visit hostels etc completely on my own was pretty hardcore. I had the best time though and this was a journey that helped me grow up a bit and learn a lot about myself. Including increase confidence in myself!


7. Falling in love again.

Goes without saying this one, especially as I’ve been hurt so much in the past. However this time around has been a lot easier as I genuinely believe I’ve found ‘the one.’ James treats me the way somebody should treat a lady – with respect and absolute adoration. We all have a past but when you find the right person, everything changes. This one is a keeper.


8. My driving test.

Goodness me. What a scary process this was! Taken in Loughton in Essex back in 2004, I did pass first time with only 7 minors. But I distinctly remember this really scary lady coming in to get a candidate next to me, and then shouting at him outside because he wasn’t able to show her something in the bonnet. Everything depended on me passing my first time. My parents had spent a fortune on driving lessons and I desperately wanted my independence (I was 18). I remember panicking a couple of times but thankfully all was ok! 1 week later I was driving in a horrendous thunderstorm down to Cornwall… the storm that destroyed boscastle I believe.

9. My first (proper) kiss!

Omg I remember this so well. He was a clarinetist and a pianist at my school (a fellow music scholar) and at 13 we went on a date to see Sleepy Hollow I think it was. I knew I wanted to kiss him. I knew he was going to kiss me and then when he did, I was so nervous I bit his tongue with my teeth and held on! Thankfully mi kissing skills have improved significantly over the years but I will always remember how nervous and embarrassed I was!

10. Meeting the mothers of my step children.

This is always going to be nerve wracking the first time one does this but all was ok. I’m amicable with them both still and long may it last for the sake of the children!


Lots of love, Lxxx


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