As stress takes it toll, I ensure a lil ‘me’ time every day. My Top Tips…

What are your favourite de-stressing tips? Let me know below!


I have to stay cool… I have a business to run and step children to look after. So it’s important that I find time every day to put me first so that I am always on my best form!

Some stress can be positive – and I thrive on a moderate level of stress to perform better in my work for example. However stress is only healthy if it’s short lived, and if one is not careful they will endure illness, physical and emotional exhaustion.

Unbelievably millions of people in the UK suffer with extreme stress, and it’s not taken seriously enough, especially at work. When I worked in the corporate world in London I was under intense pressure most of the time and some of my bosses weren’t sympathetic at all. But now I am my own boss, which means that I am going to take this seriously and make sure I have ‘me’ time once every single day.


With running my own business in public relations, keeping the house in shape, cooking, having 4 step children etc, it is no wonder that I am always stressed. My daily life is chaotic from meeting press deadlines to dealing with difficult people.

So below I’ve listed a few things I am doing to ensure ‘ME’ time every day, as well as methods to help ease the stresses of life! If you are in the same boat, I hope they help! 🙂

Exercise. Most mornings (about 7.30am) I run for 30-45 minutes around the fields where I live. I also have an outdoor personal trainer who visits once a week at 8.30am. These early morning workouts have proved invaluable at setting me up for the day and pumping those happy endorphins around my body. I highly recommend AB Fitness in Fernhurst. In the warmer months I try to wake board as much as I can, and of course if I’m in Cornwall I’d be surfing!


Weekly Massage. I book in a weekly massage at my local hair dresser and beauty salon, Eden Hair & Beauty. This not only relaxes me but eases my aches and pains from all the exercise I’m doing! Some months they have an offer on and I can get a superb 30 mins massage by the lovely Aimee for only £15! (usually £22).

Date nights. James and I always try and book in a ‘date night’ about once a month. It’s very difficult to get time to ourselves as every weekend we have children, and in the week we are both so shattered from work. Plus he doesn’t get home until about 7.30pm so by the time we’ve eaten dinner, and watched a bit of TV it’s time for bed. We’ve managed to book in a couple of days in the Cotswolds in November which will be nice, but otherwise we always try to go to our favourite pubs – The Horse Guards Inn, The Red Lion and the Banyan – where good food and service is always guaranteed.


Diary. Writing in my diary is a super way to release all my anger, thoughts, stresses etc onto paper. Nobody gets to read it so I can really say how I feel and I always feel so much better afterwards.

Candle lit baths. As the weather gets colder, you cannot beat a bubble bath. I always turn the lights out and light my ‘Happiness’ candles by NEOM as I find the aroma helps relax me, play Classic FM and then lie back with my eye mask on. If it’s in the evening I will have a glass of prosecco next to me as well. Product recommendations… The Sanctuary‘s ultimate salt scrub, Molton Brown body wash (Pink Peppercorn) and this drench sponge by The Body Shop!

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-16-34-17Cleaning. I am one of those weird people that just love to clean! I get such satisfaction from cleaning my house. I’m sure I’m borderline OCD but I always feel better after I’ve done so. I always like my home to be sparkling clean.

Writing down 1 thing that has made me happy every day. This could be a work achievement, something the step children have done for me or a romantic gesture from James. The thing is, no matter how down you may feel there is ALWAYS something positive that happens to you every day. Just having a beating heart beat is one of them! It’s so important to focus on this every day – it does wonders for the soul.

Pop the log fire on. The visual, sound and heat effects you just cannot beat. I ALWAYS feel great straight away when I sit in front of my log fire.


A think about my happy place – Cornwall. I LOVE Cornwall, and spend a lot of time there. Flicking through my albums full of the likes of Polzeath beach and Port Isaac takes me right back to the sea, sending all my stresses right out over the cliff tops.

Sex! Well of course I’m going to add this one in! Sex releases lots and lots of endorphins and is a superb way to release tension and stress.

Speak to my Mum. My mum is like my best friend, and she has such a great aura about her that I relax instantly. She is a very special person having been there for me through a number of extreme stresses. I couldn’t ask for a better mum!


Flick through property portals. I’ve always dreamt of living in a gorgeous country cottage with lots land. This is why I work so so so hard so that one day, I can do just that. To remind me of this, I like to flick through the property portals to find my dream home and fantasise about what mine will look one day.

Manicure. Again, recommend Eden Hair & Beauty if you are local but a good looking manicure which involves a relaxing hand and arm massage always does the trick!

Speak to my councillor. I am not ashamed to admit that I have a councillor, who I’ve had since losing my Dad. She has been brilliant at managing my anxiety and advising on the best techniques to get through my stresses. It’s not cheap but worth every penny!

And finally lots and lots of puppy hugs!! Millie, by Bichon Frise…


I hope some of those help relieve your stresses. If you have any personal recommendations please do let me know below – the more the better! 🙂

Keep fit and healthy everybody.

Lots of love, Lxxx




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