A ‘sparkler’ of a weekend with lots of bangs, cheers, chanting and step son selfies…. not to mention a rather awkward moment re a pig shed!

Now let me start you with a song that I made up ….. I’m sure we could make the X Factor final with this one as everybody was singing it around the bonfire!!! F to the I to the R to the E…. fire WORKS, fire WORKS! (repeat 3 times)

Well I can only be talking about Bonfire Night of course… ! Along with the rest of the nation, I celebrated this colourful event, and for the 2nd year in a row, I did so at a friends house with a bunch of friends and my eldest step children.

Our bonfire

You cannot beat a good fireworks display. As a child, every year we went to a village display  in Chiddingfold, held on the village green. My grandparents used to live within walking distance so each year we’d wrap up warm and venture down with our torches eager to see what this year would bring. As I got older, and my grandparents moved to Haslemere, this ten year tradition soon faded away. I went to Plymouth University (where I celebrated for 4 years on The Hoe), travelled Australia (where I saw none) then moved to London where again, never went to a display. Was it really going to be like that forever? Stuck at home doing absolutely nothing. No firework to see, no sparklers to hold?

Then hooray I became a step mum! GREAT excuse to get my wellies out again and head to a display… except this time we had our very own and I have to say… I prefer doing the whole fireworks thing at home rather than being pushed and shoved at a public display, having to worry about getting a drink, going to the toilet etc.

The amazing Guy Fawkes cake

James’ lovely friend Peter* lives in a gorgeous country house in Plaistow and has very kindly hosted 2 bonfire parties 2 years in a row for us. We’ve always brought my eldest step children along as it happens to fall on their weekend and this year, there were around 20 of us all together. Everybody brought food, alcohol, sparklers and fireworks. After a delicious chilli con carne and jacket potatoes, and a Guy Fawkes cake made by a friend, we opened more prosecco, lit the bonfire and ‘oooohhhh’d and ahhhh’d away.

Preparing the feast

A mixture of children and adults, the prosecco was pouring whilst the children ran around the bonfire keeping warm. Me and my friend Bryony had a few nervous moments whilst we watched our partners light the fireworks at the other end of the garden, who thankfully managed not to blow themselves up. They delivered a spectacular fireworks display all very safely I might add, away from the crowd – in fact out by the pig shed (don’t worry, there are no pigs in there anymore!)

Bryony and I came up with a chant as a play on words for Honey G – this awful singer in this year’s X Factor. It went something like this … thankfully video footage cannot be obtained! *coughs*… F to the I to the R to the E…. fire WORKS, fire WORKS! All of the children loved this so it wasn’t long before everybody joined in just before each firework was lit.

There was also a slight confusion as to what the pig shed was being used for … my friend and her partner, and other couples, kept ‘disappearing’ over there away from the children, and so I thought they were up to some hanky panky that I wanted to get involved with (separately from them, I’m not that kinky!!) Except it turns out it was a smoking spot and not somewhere to erm…. how do I put this… somewhere to get jiggy?! Thankfully my friends saw the funny side but I was ever so mortified that I assumed the wrong thing! Apparently it was a good idea…. who knows what happened after that. I avoided the pig shed just in case

{Check out my Instagram for video shoots of some of the firework displays… }

You cannot beat the sound of children laughing. I always say this and to see everybody smiling and looking happy, it was a good feeling. Strangely it made me think of my Dad. I remember smiling to myself as he would have hated what we were doing bless him … he was all healthy and safety my Dad.

But I do have a super relationship with my step children. Those two boys are very sweet indeed. (Full marks to their mum for that!) They’re polite, well mannered… in fact I had one always offering to hold my glass of prosecco every time I needed to run off somewhere (usually the loo!) and the other shamelessly taking selfies with me around the bonfire. Given that he’s 17 and quite macho I was quite impressed! The other one, who is 13, I was rather impressed with as he offered to stay inside with the very scared dog, Bruff, and miss the fireworks so that Bruff’s owner could be outside with the gang. Very kind for him to offer to do that… !

Selfie with my eldest step son

So it was a perfect evening, and very relaxing – something James and I desperately needed. We don’t often get to go out at weekends with our friends as we always have children but this was an occasion where they could enjoy themselves with our friends too.

James and I doing a selfie by the fire

I had to of course be aware of how much I was drinking as I didn’t want the boys to see me too tiddly but there was another step mum there, and a ‘real’ mum who were enjoying the bubbles too. I have now learnt how to stay ‘classy’ after a glass or three! 🙂 Although should I be concerned that I am now known as the prosecco queen of selfies ….. ????

I hope everybody else had a lovely bonfire night too. Bring on Guy Fawkes 2017! But next stop…. CHRISTMAS!!!

Lots of love, Lucy xxx

Peter* – name changed


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